Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sulekha Launches – An Exclusive Portal for NRI Investors

Invest in India:- India has become a serious investment hub for cash  from across the world these days, and the time has come back for Indians in US to make the most of the opportunity. Obviously, it had been the correct time for to launch a special portal for NRI Investors trying to invest in India.The Indian e-commerce giant recently launched a website designed completely as an investment platform for Indians in US and to offer info and latest updates on investment opportunities in India. Basically, aspires to serve as an important resource for US-based investors who are looking to gather data on unique investment opportunities back home.

India with its continued and striking growth rate, well managed monetary markets,and domestic demand driven economic system, may be a major attraction for investors from all over the globe. Compared to alternative countries,India features a wider growth base when it has to do with emerging markets. Certainly, investing in India is that the smartest issue to try and do these days for Indians in US.

Coming to, the location mainly offers information and updates on services related to NRI Banking, Currency Transfer, NRI Insurance, NRI Investments, and NRI Loans.

With NRI Banking services, Indians in US looking to form easy cash transfers to India will just need to fill in their contact details and select a particular Service Provider, offering NRI Banking, to avail the transfer. The cash Transfer services help NRIs abroad by offering multiple options to transfer money to India.The site offers an inventory and process of money transfer out there for Indians in US.

Life Insurance has been a long-established investment type in India and is fairly popular with Indians settled in US.At Invest in, you'll notice an array of NRI Insurance options which provides enormous potential for investments.

While making NRI Investments helps in many ways,like saving on Income Tax and helping as an income-source for loved ones, there is additionally the need for NRI loans. connects Indians to special NRI Loan schemes. NRIs can avail various NRI Loans together with NRI Home Loans, personal loans, NRI car Loans and more. The site lists an array of Indian banks offering special loan schemes tuned to the requirements of NRIs.

Overall, serves as a rich resource for NRIs wanting to invest in India. Apart from specialized services, the site additionally offers latest news, updates, share value, and articles connected to numerous service providers and banks. For more info, visit