Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Year and the Indian Events in US

New Year: -

January 1 New Year's, the modern Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar used in ancient Rome, is celebrated the first day of the year. Most countries use the Gregorian calendar, New Year public holiday in the real world on New Year's is celebrated with fireworks at midnight, he begins a close one. January 1, similar to the Gregorian and Julian calendars, and some followers of Eastern Orthodox churches celebrate new year to January 14 this day.

Romans Janus, god of gates, doors and started the day was devoted. In January, two faces, one looking back and looking with Janus, is named. This suggests that New Year's party, is based on pagan traditions. Some of them, specified in the mind of a consensus for the March of two generals, with the spring equinox, or Jesus' warning is not matter.Dates, came on during the day at the office, 153 BC Calendar from January to December were mainly Christians, however, for several months on different dates of the party continues with the launch of performance were used during the Middle Ages.

New Year Events: -

At least four centuries, civilizations around the world celebrated the new year. Today, the new December 31 (New Year) celebration of the year, Gregorian calendar, starting from the last day, and 1 January (New Year) will re-issue of the day. In general, conferences, special New Year food, food, New Year's resolutions are included in the solution and to watch fireworks parties to participate.

List of Indian Events in US and Canada:-

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